Hopper scales

Hopper scales

Hopper scales of "Norma-T" product line
intended for weighting of the bulk stock.

Purpose and scope of hopper scales

NGO "Mekhanotron" offers a series of hopper scales (bunker scales), which provide static weighing and the total account of all bulk products. The range of models is presented by: Norma T, Norma TH, Norma-TH1, Norma TH2, Norma TH3, Norma TM, Norma TC, Norm TB. Hopper Scales can be used in various industries and provide a weighing error of 0.1%.

Hopper scales - main features:

  • the ability to transfer data from the scales to a remote computer;
  • block-modular design simplifies maintenance and operation of equipment;
  • the ability to remotely control the level of performance and volume dispensed doses of the product;
  • design determines the weight of the product in a continuous stream from the conveyor or in the selection of the storage bin;
  • selection of the desired quantity of product (with packaging into big bags or into shipping vehicles).

These modifications weights vary by the balance, weight and dimensions parameters.

Norma-T Weighing scales feature:

The basis of the principle of conversion of the balance of gravity with the help of load cells, which creates the weighed product into analog electrical signal form, the magnitude of which is proportional to the weight of this product.

As part of the scale, there are sensors measuring weight, weighing and storage bin, power devices and key management device.
The storage hopper has a neck with one or two sectoral dampers. A (somewhat) load cell is used for the suspension of the weight of the hopper, which is equipped with one (or two) sectoral dampers.

The value of a single portion of the product is entered into the balance using the keyboard. When a team's storage bin opens, providing product entry in the weight bin. When the value is reached the mass of a single serving of the product, which was introduced by the operator in the computer's memory, triggered flap overlapping stream, and static weighing procedure is performed. The result of weighing a single portion of the product is displayed on the display and stored in memory, and then the opening of the valve in a weight hopper. When the product enters to the storage bin and weighing is repeated.

They feed hopper scales from the AC voltage of 220V.

Equipment supplied:
Hopper Scales "Norma", passport, assembly instructions, operating instructions.

Verification of the balance
The calibration interval for the equipment - 1 year.


Workpiece type Hopper's useful

Hopper scales Norma-TM 15 12 0.1

Hopper scales Norma-T 85 40 0.1

Norma-TS 120 50 0.1

Norma-TN 80 70 0.1

Norma-ТN1 150 130 0.1

Norma-ТN2 210 200 0,1

Norma-ТN3 90 80 0.1

Norma-ТB* 450 250 0.1

*main purpose - beetroot weighting