Scales for weighing liquids

Scales for weighing liquids "Norma-TG"


Scales for weighing liquids

      Intended purpose:

  • Scales for liquids weighing.
  • Given portion of liquid product dosing(packing in reservoir, dispatching to the transport facilities).
  • Doses quantity calculation.


Weight calculation and dosing are performed with the help of accumulation and weighing of the product portions.


Scales capability, up to, m3/hour 30

Inaccuracy of weighing, no more, % 0.1

Weigh hopper’s useful capacity, l 600

Withdrawal of the compressed air under pressure of 6 atmospheres, no more than, m3/hour 1.0

Power consumption from the monophase circuit 220 V, no more W 60

Scales’ mass, no more, kg 200



The information from the scales may income on a remote computer.

Remote setting of scales efficiency and the number of delivered doses is possible.

The construction of the scales provides the possibility of operational audit of indications with the control loads.

The enterprise services linkage of the scales to the technological line, activating and setting works, warranty service and extended service.