Weigh hopper “Norma-SR”


Gross or net metering of bulk products (grain, fodder, cereals, sugar, granules,etc.) in sewing bags.

Simple budget design, convenient for packing relatively small batches of product, as well as in the nonspecialized premises and in manufactory conditions.

The mounting is not hard. 

The weigh hoppers are being hinged under the accumulative hopper on four studs. It's being turned on in the socket base of 220 V and is ready for operating.

Hopper’s capability,
portion to 25 kg      dose/hour
portion to 50 kg      dose/hour


Limits of dosing, kg 2-50

Inaccuracy of dosing according to DSTU OIML R61-1:2008
from 2 to 10 kg inclusively, no more
from 10 to 15 kg inclusively, no more
from 15 to 50 kg inclusively, no more

37,5 g  
0,1 %

Width of the sack, no less, mm 430 (250*)

Height with the hinged 50kg sack, mm 1550

Hopper’s mass, no more, kg 25

Power consumption from the monophase circuit 220 V, no more, W 10

* in case of changeable hopper neck usage.  

The enterprise may help with setting, provides extended service.



Overall dimensions