Semiautomatic weigh   hopper  «Norma-SL»

Packing of salt and other bulk stock in the sacks of open type.

  • Automatic gross or nett dosing;
  • Calculation of the quantity of the packaged sacks;
  • High efficiency.

Block-modular construction. Hoppers are comfortable in servicing and maintenance.

Hoppers are produced from inoxidizable materials.

The weigh hoppers may be hinged on an accumulative hopper.

Pipe bend and utilization of dust is constructively provided in the weigh hopper. 

Hopper’s capability, dose/hour 600

Limits of dosing, kg 5-50

Inaccuracy of dosing according toDSTU OIML R61-1:2008, no more, g 250

Width of the sack, no less, mm 450 (250*)

Height with the hinged 50kg sack, mm 1600

Hopper’s mass, no more, kg 70

Withdrawal of the compressed air under pressure of 4 atmospheres, no more than, m3 3/hour 2.0

Power consumption from the monophase circuit 220 V, no more,W 60

* in case of SM hopper neck usage

The information from the scales may income on a remote computer.

The enterprise services activating and setting works, warranty service and extended service.



Control unit

Overall dimensions