Conveyor belt scales

The principle of operation and functional features

Functioning weighing conveyor technology is the use of specialized sensors (resistive-strain and velocity of the conveyor belt) that converts the mass rate of material conveyed through the conveyor scales, in the electrical impulses which are proportional to the current consumption. The volume of particulate material which is transported along the tape, calculated summation device (adder) by integrating current flow.

The data from the device to control the balance transferred to the remote computer. Balance conveyor are block-modular design that allows easy installation and maintenance.

The main advantages of conveyor scales note high accuracy, plus the ability to design autonomous correction tare automatically.

Scope of conveyor scales is wide enough - a commercial operation in the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other industries where there is a need for continuous flow measurement and dosing of loose materials. It may be metallurgical plant, enterprises producing construction materials, grain processing enterprises.

Conveyor scales provide continuous weighing of bulk materials transported by tape on horizontal or inclined conveyors, providing them with technological monitoring and accounting of the masses.

The basis for the design of conveyor weighing equipment are a few sites: the measuring system and the load device (consists of 2 suspension and 2 support beams). The measuring system includes various sensors (speed of the tape, strain, as well as conveyor tenzoizmeritel and connecting cables). Thanks to the support beams of the frame width is adjusted, whereby the belt weigher is easy to install for different across the width of conveyor. Conveyor scales can be used for belts, moving obliquely.

By the principle of action of conveyor scales divided into integrating (continuous weighing) and summed scales (for periodic weighing). Weighing conveyor of the first group of weighing belt segment along with the material that is currently present at the time the special weighing platform mounted in a conveyor frame.

Weighbridge weighing conveyor installed on electrical load cells that convert electrical impulses to the weight of the load. Last translates into calculating device, where the summation is performed readings at set intervals (depending on the speed of the conveyor belt on the conveyor scales).

The balance shall be resistant to temporary load (to return to its original state after a slight hesitation), have a minimum error, be reliable in operation at high speeds of the conveyor belt and uneven loading, be protected from dust and moisture implementation, small size, able to be installed on your PC on moving conveyors and others. Such requirements are satisfied conveyor scales "Norma-TK".

Easy setup and maintenance

The company "Mekhanotron" makes installation and bind the scales to the process, perform commissioning and after-sales service.



Control unit

Overall dimensions