Main purpose of use - packing of the finely divided bulk stock: flour, dry milk, premix and so on into the bags of open type.

Automatic gross and net batching.

Presetting of four (the quantity of doses may be increased) dose sizes is provided. 

Accounting of bags\' quantity for each chosen dose.
Weight indication of product in a bag during the filling and definite weight of a bag after filling.

The weigh hopper mounts on a storage bin.
Pipe bend and utilization of dust is constructively provided in the weigh hopper.

 Hopper\'s capability, dose/hour up to   180-200

Limits of dosing, kg  5 - 50

 Inaccuracy of dosing according to DSTU OIML R61-1:2008
 - from 5 to 15 kg inclusively, no more
 - from 15 to 50 kg inclusively, no more


 Width of a bag, no less, mm  455 (250*)

 Height with the hinged 50kg bag, mm  1640

 Hopper\'s mass, no more, kg  90

Withdrawal of the compressed air under pressure of 4 atmospheres, no more than, m3/hour  0,4

 Power consumption from alternating-current curcuit with frequency 50Hz
 - electric engine – three-fase network with voltage 380V, no more, W
 - control curcuit - monophase network with voltage 220V, no more, W


* in case of  SM flapper usage 

Weigh hopper \"Norma-SB\" may be equipped with a thumper  - a device for compaction of a product in a bag.

The information from the scales may income on a remote computer.

The enterprise services activating and setting works, warranty service and extended service.


Overall dimensions