Norma -LZK




 Intended purpose:


  •  Transportation of bags by the conveyor belt 
  •  Bags delivery to the stitching machine
  •  Further transportation of the sewn bags 




Capability, pcs/hour, up to 500

Speed of the belt movement, m/sec 0,12

Length of transporter, basic 3

Mass, no more, kg 300

Power consumption from the alternating-current mains 380(+38;-57)V, with frequency 50Hz, kW, no more 1,5

The line provides sewing of the fabric, paper, polypropylene bags, filled with loose product or small-sized material.

The height of the head of the stitching machine may be regulated. 

Transporter may be  produced with the length, required by the customer.  

Regulation of the transporter's height is provided.