The batcher  is intended for soft containers filling


  Intended purpose:

  • "gross” and “nett” modes of operation are possible.

  • Capturing of the bushing and preliminary container’s inflation is provided.

  • Withdrawal of dust out of the containers is provided.

  • The product being dosed is weighed in the sacks. After dosing is finished the container gradually steeps and automatically releases of the captures.


Different variants of filled sacks moving off are possible.

The quantity of the dosed sacks and the weight of the dosed product is being accounted.

Connection to the remote computer.


Maximal capability 60t/hour

Minimal dose 100 kg

Maximal dose 1500 kg

Deviation from the given dose, no more 0.1%

Compressed air pressure 0,6 MPa

Compressed air consumption, no more 20 m3 /hour

Electric power consumption, no more 60 W

Mass,  no more 500 kg


The enterprise services activating and setting works, warranty service and extended service. 




Overall dimensions