Intended purpose of the conveyor belt scales "Norma-TK"

   Belt scale

  • Persistent weighing and calculation of the product, being moved on the conveyor.
  • The weighing flow speed calculation.
  • Changeable and persistent product calculation in tonnes.
  • Current value of capability indication.
  • The constant current signal forming, that is proportional to capability.
  • Signal producing in case of conveyor’s stopping.


Conveyor’s tape speed of motion, no more, m/s 3

Capability, up to, t/hour 540*

Inaccuracy, no more, % 1

Output signal of the constant current, mA 4...20

Power supply voltage, V 220

Power consumption from the monophase circuit 220 V, no more W 60

Scales’ mass, no more, kg 70

 *in case of product density 1 g/cm3


The information from the scales’ control unit may income on a remote computer. 

The scales have the block-modular arranging that provides comfortable maintenance and serving. 

The enterprise services linkage of the scales to the technological line, activating and setting works, warranty service and extended service. 



Control unit

Overall dimensions