Weigh hopper

Weigh hopper

Weigh hopper of "Norma-S" and "Norma-SL" product line

Designed for packing of bulk products (grain, seeds, cereals, sugar, granulated materials, fodder, peat, etc.) into open type bags.

Remote computer may be used to monitor the status of weight-dosing NORMA NORMA-C and SL models.

Weight batchers allow monitoring (recording and display), the number of filled bags from the time given by the operator, as well as display the weight of the product.

Thanks to the modular design of the weight hopper equipment it is easy to operate and maintain it. And considering the possibility of high-precision dosing that provides the equipment and the lack of influence of the human factor in the process of packing of the proposed equipment pays for itself pretty quickly.

For NORMA-SL and NORMA-C weighted metering (weight hopper) models it is available extra meter to monitor the total number of bags that have already been shipped to the dispensers.

Workpiece type Dosage range,

Norma-S 5 - 15
15 - 50

Norma-SR 2 - 10
10 - 15
15 - 50

37,5 g

Norma-SL* 5 - 50 600 0,5

*main purpose - salt packing

Weigh hopper NORMA-S
designed for packing loose products (sugar, cereals, grains, seeds, animal feed, granulates and so on.) in bags of open type
Weigh hopper NORMA-SR
simple inexpensive option for small batches packaging
Weigh hopper NORMA-SL
designed for packing salt and other bulk products into bags of open type